• Year/Make/Model/Trim of vehicle
  • Pictures of each tire
  • Pictures of each wheel, including lug nuts
  • Tire info
    • Size
    • Construction type (Standard Load/Extra Load)
    • ​Load Index
    • Speed Rating
    • Load Rating (If LT-Truck)
    • DOT number, including date code
  • Air pressure and position of each tire
  • Condition of suspension components
    • Ball joints
    • Tie rod ends
    • Drag link
    • Power steering rack
    • Shocks
    • Springs
  • Any movement in hub bearings
  • Pictures of Swaybar links
  • Picture of wheel center cap logo
  • Picture of lug nuts (Can be combined with center cap)
  • Picture of vehicle door placard stating OE tire size or replacement placard if appropriate
  • Temperature
  • Weather conditions

Expert Witness

Our mission is to prevent tragic events from occurring through Tire Industry Association Certification as well as our own proprietary Custom Wheel and non-OE Tire curriculum. With our diverse background and knowledge of the passenger car and light truck tire and wheel industry, we can offer insight into relevant data that can direct the law firm and determine the direction of the case itself. 

Please review the following list of items that will help us in determining the overall condition of the vehicle.  These items need to be determined as soon after the crash as possible, not years afterward. 

Click on this button to download a copy of these bullet points that we will need.

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