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Why should I train my employees?

Employee training and certification are crucial to the survival of our industry. Untrained employees pose a higher risk for injury or death.

Where is the training held?

Training is held at your location in most cases. On occasion, there are training classes held at local vocational colleges.

What is the cost?

Student workbooks are $175 each for TIA members, $250 for non-members. The cost of the instructor and travel expenses varies depending on the level of training. Call for a quote.

Is the training only related to tire information?

No. TIA ATS certification includes an American Lift Institute guide to lifting vehicles, proper torque procedures that apply to any job and safety procedures for employees and customers.  Custom wheels, including use of the Wheel Fit are utilized to understand all aspects of tire and wheel fitment.

See a sample of our curriculum at Wheel Tech 101 and Wheel Tech 201

Tire and Wheel Training Frequently Asked Questions

If I only sell a few sets of tires each week, how can I justify the expense of training my employees?

If anything, you are at a higher risk due to the fact that your technicians are not repeating the proper procedures on a constant basis. A few years ago, a $22.8 million settlement was awarded to the surviving children of a couple from California who were killed when their van rolled over due to a tire failure caused by an improper puncture repair. An untrained employee performed the repair. It doesn't matter if you sell one or one thousand tires; knowing how to perform the job functions doesn't change. Learn more about the settlement :http://www.tirereview.com/faulty-tire-repair-brings-22-8-million-court-award/

I don't sell custom wheels, why should I need WheelWorks, Inc. proprietary custom wheel training? Isn't that covered in the TIA training?
Every day, your technicians have to remove the tires and wheels to perform repairs on brakes, struts, suspension parts and other mechanical repairs. Very often, the vehicle has aftermarket wheels installed. Even though you didn't sell these to the customer, you are responsible for securing them back on the vehicle after repairs are completed. WheelWorks proprietary training program starts where the TIA training ends and focuses on non-OE and plus-sized applications in regards to mounting, balancing, installing on the vehicle, load and inflation pressure calculation, checking for clearance issues and several other variables that are critical to securing the wheels back on the vehicle.