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WheelWorks proprietary Custom Wheel Training consists of:

  • ALL Technical Terms and Measurements
  • Offset to Backside Setting Conversion
  • Bolt Circle
  • Backside Setting
  • Rim Flange Profiles
  • Types of Lugs and There Uses
  • Hub Centric/Lug Centric Wheels
  • Reversed drop center tire installation
  • Flange Plate Adapters
  • Balancing Techniques
  • Types of Wheels with Pro's/Con's
  • Types of Finishes with Pro's/Con's
  • TPMS and Aftermarket Wheels
  • Wheel Installation including Torque Specs
  • Braking Systems
  • Aftermarket TPMS marketing potential
  • Minor Wheel Repair
  • Tire Construction
  • Service Description
  • Proper inflation pressure for both OE and plus-size applications using Load and Inflation Tables

If you have questions regarding the tire and wheel training course, please contact Scott Blair at 

(251) 377 - 6724 or email Scott Blair and he will happy to answer any questions.

Combining the TIA certified ATS and TPMS program with WheelWorks, Inc. proprietary Custom Wheel & non-OE Tire Training program, technicians and salespeople will have the most complete tire and wheel training available. The student will be prepared to test for the TIA ATS Technician or Trainer certification. Salesperson training with Scott Blair increases tire and wheel sales. It starts with the basics, including terminologies, applications, specifications and construction.  It builds into an expert level curriculum that tops the industry.  It gives salespeople insight into buyer motivations, options and closing techniques.

Risk Management: Tire and Wheel Training Course Outline

TIA Certified ATS training consists of:

  • Module 1: Introduction: Covers personal protective equipment (PPE) and general shop safety practices.

  • Module 2: Tires: Covers tire construction, nomenclature, sizing, application and replacement guidelines.

  • Module 3: Wheel & Fasteners: Covers wheel and rim nomenclature as well as fastener and bolt hole identification.

  • Module 4: Raising the Vehicle: Addresses the step-by-step procedures and safety guidelines for lifting a vehicle with an above-ground lift or floor jack and jack stands.

  • Module 5: Tire/Wheel Assembly Removal: Covers the procedures for removing the assembly from the vehicle including wheel locks and wheel covers.

  • Module 6: Torque & Clamping Force: Explains the relationship between torque and clamping force including lab tests that show the effects of lubricants.

  • Module 7: R.I.S.T. : Covers step-by-step procedures for wheel installation.

  • Module 8: Demounting, Mounting & Inflation: Covers the step-by-step procedures for demounting, mounting and inflating tires on rims with valve stem and band-mounted sensors.

  • Module 9: Balance and Run-out: Addresses the basic principles of balance and run-out including the use of pin-plates to secure the assembly to the balancer.

  • Module 10: Puncture Repair: Covers the general industry guidelines for puncture repairs in passenger and light truck tires as well as the step-by-step procedures for installing one-piece and two-piece repair systems.

  • Module 11: Tire Conditions Analysis: Uses images from the Passenger and Light Truck Tire Conditions Manual to show technicians the signs of common problems that may require removal from service.

  • Module 12: TPMS Identification: Explains the different types of TPMS currently in use and how they can be identified.

  • Module 13: TPMS Service Requirements: Covers the step-by-step procedures for servicing valve stem and band-mounted sensors.

  • Module 14: TPMS Relearn Procedures: Uses the TPMS Relearn Chart to explain the relearn requirements for the most popular domestic and foreign vehicles.

  • Module 15: TPMS Diagnostics: Covers the necessary steps to correct a malfunction with common electronic scan tools including the replacement of a sensor on popular Asian models.

This curriculum also includes:

  • Load and inflation tables

  • Tire and Rim Association tables

  • Manual

  • TPMS Relearn charts and procedures

  • American Lift Institute lifting points guide

ATS Instructor Certification Includes:

  • TIA Automotive Tire Service (ATS) Manual

  • TIA Certified ATS Instructor Certificate

  • 13 TIA Certified ATS Instructor Uniform Patches