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The TIA ATS manual lists 3 different types of lug nut contours very briefly. Our proprietary curriculum list nearly a dozen variations of fasteners, one of which is the Mag Shank used for Old-School Cragar and Keystone composite built wheels. These styles were created in the 60's, but are still built the same way today in 14" and 15" sizes. Each uses a specific washer depending on the style of wheel and bolt pattern of the vehicle. Using an improper washer/shank length could lead to a false torque reading and allow the lugs to back off. You can see how easily that this can become a huge liability for you and your business. 

Not only do we discuss the differences, but we discuss the proper balancing and installation of these types of wheels due to the fact that they are not centered by a conical seat lug nut, the technician must "eyeball" the centering of the wheel to allow it to ride smooth. We teach specific techniques on how to accomplish this task.